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Lead Therapist

With over eighteen years of experience in the counseling field, I have seen clients gain relief from symptoms, learn new ways to communicate, and learn how to cope with stress. I offer a supportive relationship where we can collaboratively explore and work towards improving relationships and resolving life's challenges.

I have worked in outpatient settings with children and teens, and in my private practice working with adults and couples.  I have extensive experience working with those that have a variety of mental health issues and their families.  My experience has come from providing therapy for anxiety, depression, coping and stress management, and trauma.  I have seen the impact that these issues can have on an individual, families and all relationships.  I have also seen individuals get relief from their symptoms, improve their relationships, and feel better about themselves. 

I utilize a relational and strengths based approach in counseling. I provide comprehensive and extensive services integrated with Christian beliefs and values. I am committed to offering quality, professional, evidence-based clinical services to clients with a wide range of needs.


Bethany University 2008 M.S. Clinical Psychology

Bethany University 2001 B.A. General Psychology


Marriage and Family Therapist #83506, 2014




I have ten years of experience as a Social Worker, working with clients whom have experienced extreme cases of abuse and neglect, family separation, addiction, domestic violence, pre-natal drug exposure, poverty and mental health issues. I have seen clients gain relief from oppression, while experiencing healing mentally, emotionally and physically. I have also seen families get free from addiction, reunite and able to communicate to one another in a healthy manner. 

My experience comes from working at a Child Welfare Agency and practicing therapy in school settings. I have worked with children, adolescents and adults, processing with them, pain and disappointment, leading them to a place of overcoming and helping them find the truth about their identity. I also equip my clients with goal oriented life long coping skills. I believe self growth and healing is a life long journey and each day is a fresh beginning. 

I have a passion to see people whole and set free from whatever ails them. I practice a strengths based, non judgmental approach and believe building rapport and trust is key in order for therapy to be successful. I provide therapeutic services integrated with Christian beliefs and values.


California State University of Stanislaus 2014 Master of Social Work

California State University of Stanislaus  2011 B.A. Child Development 

Associate Social Worker #233151, 2021




I have been an Associate Clinical Social Worker since 2019 after I obtained my masters degree from Stanislaus State University subsequently registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences. I have experience working with families, teens, young adults and adults. I also have experience working with individuals experiencing symptoms of early psychosis, and individuals who have experienced extreme traumatic events in childhood be adulthood. I am committed to offering quality, professional, culturally competent, evidence-based clinical services to clients with a wide range of needs, under the supervision of MFT, Anna Alvarez. I have a passion for understanding and supporting individuals through symptoms of early psychosis, issues of anxiety, depression, domestic violence, domestic violence victims, family conflict, parenting, childhood/adulthood trauma, addiction and relationship stress.


California State University of Stanislaus 2019 Master of Social Work

ASW 91947, 2019



Therapy Dog in training


Nico Alone.jpeg
Anna and Nico ODYSSEY_edited.jpg


Nico is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and loves to play and cuddle. He is working diligently to complete his Therapy Dog Certification and is doing great.  He absolutely loves his mom and spends all day waiting for her to get home.  He never gets tired of playing fetch with his favorite stuffed toys, "hot dog" and "donut".

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